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Latest Jigsaws

We are always adding new puzzle games for you to play online. Below are the latest free online jigsaw puzzles for you to play.

vintage and retro photo puzzles

9 Vintage / Retro Puzzles

Butterfly jigsaws

15 Butterfly Jigsaws

Farm jigsaw

Farm Animals Jigsaw

puzzle games

Puzzle Games

daily jigsaw

Daily Jigsaws

On this site you will find online jigsaw puzzles that we hope you will enjoy. Most of our jigsaws are suitable for persons of all ages, however, adult supervision may be required for children under 14 years of age to make sure the content is suitable for your family as this site is designed for older children and adults.

You will probably find that you will get the best jigsaw experience using a laptop, or a desktop computer with a good size monitor. There are four different styles of puzzle on this website, find the one you like best and try and get the best time possible. Some of our jigsaw puzzle games allow you to use your own pictures.

The site is supported by advertising and by marketing online shopping with Amazon. It costs you nothing to play our online puzzles. If you would like to give something back then please share your favourite jigsaws with your friends, bookmark and visit again when you have time. Check out our latest 3D jigsaws - enjoy and have fun.

Jigsaw | Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzles

Fantasy Jigsaw

Jigsaw | Jigsaw Puzzles of Flowers

Flowers Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw | Coffee Break Jigsaws

Coffee Break Jigsaws

Jigsaw Puzzles | Love themed jigsaw

Love Themed Jigsaws

Jigsaw | Nature and Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles

Nature & Wildlife Jigsaws

Jigsaw Puzzles | Jigsaws of France

France Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw | Paris, France

Paris Picture Jigsaws

Jigsaw | Pictures of Flowers

Jigsaw Puzzles of Flowers

Jigsaw | Coffee Break Jigsaw Puzzles

Coffee Break

Fun Jigsaw Puzzles | Free Jigsaws

Fun Jigsaw Puzzles

6 Jigsaw Puzzles | Free Jigsaw Puzzles

6 Jigsaw Puzzles

6 Jigsaw Puzzles | Free Jigsaw Puzzles

Amazing Jigsaws

9 Smartphone Jigsaws | Free Jigsaw Puzzles


9 Free Jigsaw Puzzles

9 Free Fantasy Jigsaws

6 Free Jigsaw Puzzles - Black Cat

Black Cat Jigsaws (Sooty Sue)

Fairytale jigsaw puzzles

6 Fairytale Jigsaws

Angels and Fairies Jigsaw

6 Angels and Fantasy Jigsaw

6 free fantasy jigsaw puzzles

6 Fantasy Jigsaws

jigsaw puzzle

6 Creative Images Jigsaws

Fruity Jigsaw Puzzles

With some vegetables thrown in for taste and good looks.

Jigsaws for Healthy Eating

We all should probably eat more fruit and vegetables, it certainly would be healthier if we did. I have curated a few amazing pictures of fruit and vegetables to encourage healthy eating and have put them into a collection of online jigsaws you can play for free. Even if you are not tempted to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables you may find that you will feel better and more relaxed from taking a few minutes out of your busy day to have some "me time".

6 Fruit Jigsaw Puzzles | Free Jigsaw Puzzles

6 Fruit Picture Puzzles

6 Healthy Fruits Jigsaw Puzzles | Free Jigsaw Puzzles

6 Healthy Fruits Jigsaws

6 Colorful Fruits Jigsaw Puzzles | Free Jigsaw Puzzles

6 Colourful Fruits Jigsaws

Just Bananas

Just Bananas

Vegetable jigsaw puzzles

Wild About Vegetables

Vegetable pictures jigsaw

Eat More Vegetables

Vegetable photo puzzles

Vegetable Photo Puzzles

Healthy foods jigsaw puzzle

Healthy Foods

Natural food jigsaw puzzle

Lovely Natural Foods

Basket of vegetables jigsaw

Basket of Vegetables

Cats and Kittens Jigsaws

We have four cats, Jazz is semi-feral and lives around the farm and I only see him occasionally, although we feed him every day. Of the other three, Toby and Heidi are house cats and are allowed outside on a cat harness. Sooty Sue is our farm cat that loves to be outside in the daytime and inside at night, she loves her comforts.

Jigsaw Puzzles of Cats and Kittens

6 Cats and Kittens

Cats and Kittens Jigsaw

6 Adorable Cats

Cute Cats and Kittens Jigsaw

6 Cute Cats and Kittens

free jigsaws

6 Free Jigsaws of Cats


6 Cat Jigsaws

Jigsaw Puzzles

6 Jigsaw Puzzles of Cats

Jigsaws online

Jigsaw Online of Cats

Puzzles online

6 Puzzles Online of Cats & Dogs

Puzzle games

6 Puzzle Games of Cats

Free Jigsaws

6 Free Jigsaws of Cats

Dogs and Puppy Jigsaws

With three dogs and four cats we sometimes have our hands full, and did I mention our three pet kune kune pigs, along with ducks and chickens. Between looking after our pets we develop websites. We love all our pets and it is a joy to see pictures of other people's dogs and make them into free jigsaw puzzles for everyone to enjoy.


6 Dog Jigsaw Puzzles

Cute Dogs

6 Cute Dogs


6 Dogs


6 Free Jigsaw Puzzles

Free jigsaws

6 Free Jigsaws


6 Jigsaws

Jigsaw puzzles

6 Jigsaw Puzzles


6 Free Jigsaws of Dogs


6 Free Puzzles

Puzzle games

6 Puzzle Games of Dogs

Puzzle online

6 Online Puzzles of Dogs

Jigsaw Puzzles | Dog Pictures

Love Dogs Jigsaws

Jigsaw Puzzles | Puppies

Love Puppy Jigsaws

Posie | Dog Picture Jigsaw Puzzle

The Webmasters Dog Jigsaws

Jigsaw Puzzles | Cute dog pictures

Cute Dog Jigsaw Puzzles

3D Jigsaws

Using one of the latest jigsaw puzzle games to be released using 3D visual technology we are delighted to let you experience this new jigsaw puzzle game. You can use our jigsaw puzzles our use your own picture to play the game.

Fantasy Coffee jigsaw puzzle

Fantasy Coffee Cup

Fantasy Coffee jigsaw puzzle

Fantasy Elephants

picture puzzle

Boy Dreaming Picture Puzzle

mermaid puzzle game

Mermaid Puzzle Game

mermaid puzzle game

Elephant playing chess

Elf jigsaw

Elf Jigsaw

Mystical Book jigsaw

Mystical Book Jigsaw

Fantasy Eye jigsaw

Fantasy Eye Jigsaw

Fantasy Dragon jigsaw

Fantasy Eye Jigsaw

Fairy on a Uncorn Jigsaw

Fairy on a Unicorn

Mermaid Jigsaw

Mermaid Jigsaw

Fairy and a frog jigsaw

Fairy on a jumping frog

Unicorn and fantasy castle jigsaw

Unicorn and Fantasy Castle

Fantasy girl jigsaw

Fantasy girl

free jigsaw

Free Jigsaw

Play 3D Jigsaw ~ Fantasy Ship Jigsaw ~ Smartphone Jigsaw ~ Fantasy Pond ~ Dragons ~ Owl ~ Free Owl Puzzle ~ Ice Cream and Fruit

Vintage / Retro

If you love style and the 40's, 50's and 60's then check out the Vintage and Retro photo puzzles. You will also find vintage / retro shopping suggestions on these pages we hope you will find appealing.

free jigsaw

Vintage Jigsaw

Retro Jigsaw

Vintage / Retro 2

Vintage Bike

Vintage Bike

Retro Bike

Retro Bike


Old Books

Vintage carnival horse ride

Vintage carnival horse ride

Retro food store

Retro Food Store

Vintage Sewing Room

Sewing Room

Vintage Cups and Saucers

Vintage Cups and Saucers

Vintage typewriter

Vintage typewriter

Traditional Style Jigsaw Puzzles

If you enjoy playing a traditional style jigsaw puzzle you will find them listed below for the 10 free jigsaw puzzles shown above.

Jigsaw 1 ~ Jigsaw 2 ~ Jigsaw 3 ~ Jigsaw 4 ~ Jigsaw 5 ~ Jigsaw 6 ~ Jigsaw 7 ~ Jigsaw 8 ~ Jigsaw 9 ~ Jigsaw 10

Around the Farm Jigsaw Puzzles

Most of us love to see farm animals in the countryside, in grass covered fields, or in spacious barns with comfy and clean straw bedding. Personally I am against factory farming methods and have mostly used pictures that depict the ideal way of keeping animals on farms.

Farm jigsaw puzzle

Farm Jigsaw Puzzle - Cow

Farm jigsaw puzzle game 2

Young Calf

Farm jigsaw puzzle game 3 - young chickens

Young Chickens

Farm jigsaw puzzle of chickens and cockeral


Cows in a farm jigsaw

Cows in a field

Cows and beautiful scenery jigsaw puzzle

Cows and Beautiful Scenery

Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzles

If you love butterflies and nature then check out the butterfly jigsaw puzzles. You will also find Amazon shopping suggestions on these pages we hope you will find appealing.

Butterfly jigsaw

Butterfly Jigsaw

Butterfly jigsaw

Butterfly 2

Butterfly jigsaw

Butterfly 3

Butterfly jigsaw

Butterfly 4

Butterfly jigsaw

Butterfly 5

Butterfly jigsaw

Butterfly 6

Butterfly jigsaw

Butterfly 7

Butterfly jigsaw

Butterfly 8

Butterfly jigsaw

Butterfly 9

free jigsaw

Butterfly 10

free jigsaw

Butterfly 11


Butterfly 12


Butterfly 13


Butterfly 14


Butterfly 15

Puzzle Games

A collection of outstanding photographs we have used to create beautiful online jigsaw puzzles for you to play. Mountains, fascinating animals and wonderful landscape scenery from around the World.

Flamingos jigsaw puzzle

Beautiful Flamingos

Almsee Lake and Mountains, Austria - jigsaw puzzle

Lake and Mountains, Austria

Dolomites mountain scenery jigsaw

Dolomites Mountain Scenery

Dolomites mountains jigsaw

Dolomites Mountains

Horse with Fairy Princess Jigsaw

Fairy Princess

White horse with beautiful woman jigsaw

Beautiful White Horse

Wildlife Kenya, Zebras | Jigsaw

Wildlife Kenya, Zebras

Wildlife | Tiger Jigsaw

Tiger Jigsaw

Wildlife | Wolf Jigsaw

Wolf Jigsaw

Citroen 2CV Jigsaw

Citroen 2CV

Croda da Lago, Dolomites Mountains - Scenery Jigsaw

Croda da Lago, Dolomites

Wine and Grapes Jigsaw

Wine and Grapes

Red Roses Jigsaw

Red Roses

Healthy Smoothie Drinks

Healthy Vegetable Smoothie

Wedding rings

Wedding rings

Daily Jigsaws

We try and add at least one new jigsaw puzzle each day, if you would like one of your photographs used then simply tweet it on Play Free Jigsaws to or message it on facebook Jigsaw Puzzles. Family friendly pictures only.


Mallard Duck


Tall Ships


Cute Dog Picture

horses jigsaw puzzle

Beautiful Horses

Venice Gondolas jigsaw puzzle

Venice Gondolas

Venice, Italy jigsaw puzzle

Venice, Italy

Sliding Puzzles

Mind bending puzzles to play - use our pictures (a choice of 46 puzzle pictures or 13 video clips) or use your own picture to play the sliding puzzle game.

Remember the sliding puzzle game you had as a kid? well we have taken it a bit further and you can now challenge yourself to solving easy to very hard sliding puzzles. Use our pictures from the game folders, or use your own picture to play the game. You can also play the game with our video sliding puzzles for an extra challenge and a lot more fun.

Play the Sliding Puzzle Games